Focusing on multiphase flow measurement technology

Supporting the Excellent Development of the Energy Industry

Innovative Technology Leads TheFuture

We believe that the construction of intelligent oil and gas fields should not only rely on the development of energy technologies but also focus on a deep understanding of oil and gas resources. This means that we must go beyond traditional resource development models and introduce innovative technological methods to achieve precise management and efficient utilization of oil and gas resources.
Regardless of your application, Zhongyuan Tianneng can customize excellent measurement and control devices for you to accelerate your scientific discoveries and technological advancements.

Full stack self-developed technology

Full-stack in-house technology is committed to the research and development of gas-liquid separation metering and non-separation multiphase flow metering products in the surface processes of oil and gas fields.

Deep industry understanding

The company possesses a deep industry understanding and has been dedicated to the research and production of specialized flow meters in the industrial sector for a long time.

Leading innovation capabilities

The company has a leading innovative capability and its related products and application technologies are currently at the forefront of the industry.

Large scale practical verification

Through over a decade of continuous investment in scientific research and development, as well as market expansion, the products have gained wide recognition and acceptance from a large user base through extensive practical verification.

Promoting changes in the energy industry

The multi-well automatic well selection metering, included in the recommended list of integrated oil and gas surface engineering equipment in 2020, is driving the transformation of the energy industry.

Application Cases